Q: What are the travel costs, and how does HOTC assist with registration fees? 

A: HOTC offers competitive costs subsidized by 75%, including staff, facilities, and league fees. The yearly commitment can be paid in installments, ensuring affordability. Heart of the City raises funds to support youth participation in travel soccer. 


Q: Is there extensive travel involved in Travel Soccer? 

A: Teams play 8 games each season, half at home and half away. Travel distances range from 10-30 miles, depending on the team's age group. 


Q: What is the commitment to play with HOTC Elite? 

A: Players commit to fall, winter, and spring seasons; high school players are encouraged to play with their respective high schools during the high school soccer season. Requests for release are considered after fees are paid in full. 


Q: Who are the coaches? 

A: Our teams are coached by highly qualified, licensed professionals. In case of conflicts, another staff coach covers sessions. Our dedicated coaches are passionate about developing players both on and off the field, bringing expertise and commitment to every training session and game. 


Q: What is the coaching philosophy for the HOTC Elite program?

A: We adopt an holistic style of coaching. Holistic soccer coaching develops players in every facet of the game and personal growth. It covers physical, technical, tactical, and mental skills, fostering confidence, resilience, and teamwork. Coaches customize training for each player and team, building relationships and supporting their overall development on and off the field to create well-rounded athletes ready for success in soccer and life. 


Q: Do teams participate in winter training/games? 

A: Yes, winter programs are included, focusing on technical, tactical, physical, and psychological, development with training sessions and games. 


Q: Do teams travel to out-of-state tournaments? 

A: Some HOTC Elite High school teams will participate in college showcase tournaments for college soccer recruitment exposure and higher-level competition.  Further information about HOTC’s college soccer recruitment program:



Q: Do all players receive playing time? 

A: Yes, playing time is distributed fairly, considering factors like skill level and commitment.

Q: Can players "play up" an age group? 

A: Players may play up based on exceptional ability and developmental benefit, determined by the Director of Coaching. 


Q: Can players participate in other sports? 

A: Yes, we encourage diverse sports experiences but advise considering the physical and mental demands. 


Q: Can players attend other team sessions for conflicts? 

A: Yes, with prior communication to ensure training opportunities are maximized. You can only attend another team’s session with approval from your team coach and if you have a conflict with your teams’ session. 


Q: Can players "guest play" with another club? 

A: For league games, guest-playing with another club is NOT allowed by the leagues we play in. If any player is caught guest-playing for another club, they will be banned from participating in IYSA leagues. If an HOTC guest player is asked to play in a tournament by another club, the requesting club must contact DOC Adrian Roman at aroman@hotcsoccer.org to formally ask consent. The final decision will be made by Adrian. NOTE: all HOTC games, tournaments, training, events will always be given priority over guest-playing in tournaments with another club. 


Q: What is HOTC’s Youth Development & Support (YDS) program? 

A: Our youth development program seamlessly integrates with our soccer program, fostering holistic player growth. We prioritize Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) sessions, teaching vital skills like resilience and leadership alongside soccer training. Enrichment trips that broaden our players' horizons, promoting empathy and global citizenship. College visits to empower our athletes to pursue higher education, inspiring ambitious academic and athletic goals. Family engagement and events, creating a supportive community. Individual action plans to guide our high school athletes toward academic, athletic, and personal success, ensuring they have the support to thrive on and off the field. 


Q: How will HOTC communicate schedules and updates? 

A: Communication is via the Sprocket app; parents/guardians need to download it for updates. 


Q: Can I get a refund if my child opts out during the season? 

A: Refunds are not issued unless for long-term injury, illness, or family relocation. 


Q: What if I miss a payment? 

A: Contact program administrators within 5 days to avoid player ineligibility. 


Q: Who do I contact for concerns or issues? 

A: First, discuss with the coach; if unresolved, contact the Director of Coaching. 


Q: How does HOTC handle unacceptable behavior? 

A: We enforce a zero-tolerance policy for violators of the Parent/Player Agreement, promoting positive sideline behavior. 


Q: What are the safety rules? 

A: Mandatory equipment, lightning safety protocols, and injury assessment ensure player safety. 


Q: Who should I contact for further questions? 

A: Reach out to HOTC staff for responses within 48 hours: 

- Letisia Gutierrez, Director of Sporting Operations: letisia@hotcsoccer.org  

- Adrian Roman, Director of Coaching: aroman@hotcsoccer.org  

- Francisco Martinez, Director of Youth Development: francisco@hotcsoccer.org  

- Dean Smith, Sporting Director: dean@heartofthecitysports.org