Recreation Program

Heart of the City's recreation league is a volunteer coached league, providing opportunities for boys and girls ages 5 (born in 2013)-16 to learn the skills of soccer in a fun, nurturing environment.

Because the true power of the sport of soccer is its capacity to make a different in a young person’s life, this league provides the benefits of mentorship and team-building experiences that instills invaluable life lessons along with teaching children important athletic skills related to control, mobility, balance, and agility. Two seasons are hosted annually:

Outdoor Soccer

June – October


Indoor Soccer

December – May


Uniform and referee fees are included in the cost of registration.

Returning players whose teams are not changing uniforms for the outdoor season will only pay $50.00.

Players in this league are divided by age onto teams to maintain alignment with Illinois Youth soccer and US Soccer Federation standards. This also helps our young athletes to develop faster while increasing safety conditions and decreasing the potential for injury.

League practices run throughout the week with games on Saturdays. These experiences foster a greater sense of connection and belonging in the local community by bringing friends, families, and neighborhoods together.

In addition to this value, the Heart of the City soccer model places a significant emphasis on preparing young people in our recreational league academically. Homework completion is monitored and regular report card checks and off-the-field academic and extracurricular enrichment opportunities are afforded to every player.