Zero Tolerance Policy

HOTC Zero Tolerance Policy

HOTC has implemented a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy for abusive parents, players, and coaches on the sidelines. Any form of abusive language, gesture or behavior directed towards any player, parent, coach, HOTC staff or referee is unacceptable behavior and will be dealt with accordingly. There is absolutely no room for berating or arguing with the referees in this league. HOTC reserves the right to suspend and/or expel any person found to be in violation of the zero-tolerance policy. The recreation director or director of coaching will conduct an investigation and will initiate such action as is warranted.

Any fines paid by Heart of the City on behalf of any coach, parent or player will be considered monies due to HOTC by that individual. The family members of that particular adult will NOT be allowed to participate in any HOTC activity until the club is reimbursed.

Should you have concerns or witness an incident during a HOTC event, please contact one of the following directors:

HOTC Sportsmanship Policy

At all age divisions and levels of play, our role and conduct as coaches, players, parents, and staff should be first and foremost.  This includes the area of sportsmanship.  All players should play, have fun, and shake hands at the end of the game.