The facts are clear: Volunteering is good for your organization!

Businesses & Groups

When employees are engaged in community activities that leverage their professional skills through volunteerism, they are happier and better connected with their colleagues, which benefits your entire organization. Promoting and providing employees with meaningful volunteer opportunities also helps to build a positive corporate reputation in the community.

Doing good work in the community is its own reward, but there are positives for business, too.

In short, everyone benefits from these efforts. Businesses and groups can also get involved at Heart of the City by offering to hold a fundraiser, volunteering at our games or tournaments, sharing your group’s special skills in our office, serving as off-the-pitch mentors, or completing a special service project in the community alongside our players. The cost of supplies and materials for volunteer projects may be underwritten by the group or shared between our organizations.

Become a featured partner during National Volunteer Day (September 21st)!


If your business, worship center, or group would like to work with Heart of the City to change the trajectory of young lives, please have your team leader contact our Director of Development at She will be an ongoing resource to the volunteer group throughout your project.