Penalty Kick Fundraiser

This is your chance! Take a shot!

Penalty Kick Fundraiser

A penalty kick is type of free kick awarded if a foul occurs inside the offending player's penalty box.  Players can take a shot on the goal while it is defended only by the opposing team's goalkeeper.

If a game is tied after regular time and a clear winner is necessary, a penalty shootout can also occur to determine the winner. Teams take turns, with the one with the largest number of successful goals after a specified number of attempts becoming the winner. Last year's HOTC U8 Indoor Tournament was decided this way!


This event offers youth the chance to take shots against a local community leader for bragging rights!

Sam Cunningham
Brandon Ewing
Gabe Guzman
Vance D. Wyatt
David Villalobos
Anton Mathews
Victor Gonzalez
Darlene Contino
Manny Hernandez
Scott McLellan
Mauricio Padilla
Edgar Lara
Tino Canogo
Williams Rivera
Tomas Martinez
Oscar Zavala 
Adrian Alvarez

Mayor of Waukegan
Waukegan School Board Member
Deputy Chief Waukegan Police
Lake County Board Member
4th Ward Alderman
Waukegan Main Street Board
First Midwest Bank
First Midwest Bank
Waukegan Public Library
HOTC Executive Director
HOTC Referee Assignor
HOTC Spartans Coach
HOTC FC Fire Coach
HOTC Warriors Coach
HOTC Aguilas FC Coach
HOTC Game Day Staff

The Penalty Kick Fundraiser is an affordable opportunity to showcase your business at one of HOTC's most talked about events. 100% of the proceeds go toward increasing access to youth soccer experiences at Heart of the City!