When Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar were young, they all played Futsal! Experience the fun by joining a HOTC pick-up game this winter!


Heart of the City is pleased to announce our Winter 2018 Futsal pick-up game program.

Futsal is an exciting, fast-paced small sided soccer game that is widely played across the world and officially recognized by both the USA and FIFA. With an emphasis on technical skill and ability to adapt in situations of high pressure, the game helps players to build outstanding soccer competencies.

This special program is open to all Heart of the City players! Join us in Zion or Waukegan on your age group's day to get in on the skill-building and fun!

Why Futsal?

  • Futsal is the only official indoor version of soccer recognized by F.I.F.A
  • Futsal uses boundary lines, compelling players to work hard to keep the ball in, compressing essential skills into a small box
  • Futsal uses a reduced bounce ball on a smaller court, teaching players to maintain possession of the ball with skill/creativity
  • Futsal players touch the ball 600% more and learn to play quicker & more efficiently

Player Expectations

  • Players should arrive at scheduled time, players will then be placed into teams by designated HOTC staff
  • Players should bring these items to each session:
    • Gym floor shoes
    • Water / sports drink
    • Comfortable apparel
    • Positive attitude
  • Games will be played with a Futsal ball
  • Fomat will be 3v3 or 4v4 depending on age grouping
    • Fast-paced environmentwill test the players
    • Format will facilitate maximum ball contact and decision making 


For more information email our Director of Soccer Operations at Dean@heartofthecitysports.org or call (224) 214-3098.